Human-In-The-Loop Machine Learning

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For when AI falls short...

You need a solid strategy for handling the errors produced by critical AI systems. Human-in-the-loop machine learning allows them to recover gracefully and provides the training data to help them perform better in the future.

AlgoLoop can offer a full range of services for integrating human-in-the-loop AI training and supervision. From our human-computer interaction expertise through to our machine learning knowledge. We're here to help!

What We Offer


What We Offer


Talk to us about how human-in-the-loop machine learning can help solve your AI problems.


We can provide on-site data mark-up experts to provide the human touch when AI falls short.


Our background in research can help you run trials to figure out how to stream-line your buisness.


Let us do the integration work. With 10+ years experience in software development we build robust and reliable software.

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